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We invite you to be our guest as you explore, enjoy, and immerse yourself in the incomparable natural wonder, lush beauty, vibrant culture, and rich tradition that is singularly St.Lucia... the Gem of the Caribbean!

Herod's Tours & Taxi is St. Lucia's leading Provider of Tours and Private Transport
As St. Lucia's leading specialists in Tours and Excursions that emphasize personal attention and the overall experience, Herod's Island Tours and Taxi Services has earned the respect and admiration from thousands of clients and many of the most exclusive resorts and brands you may be familiar with, and is consistently voted "Superior Provider" by consumers for overall Quality and Value of Services. 

Herod's Offers a Greater Variety of Top Rated Tours and Excursions
There is no better choice than Herod's Island Tours when it comes to variety of tours and transportation, expertise, safety, depth of experience, and overall affordability year-round. Herod's simply offers unmatched experience and the professional guides for your ultimate satisfaction and pleasurable experience. Please explore our "visitor-friendly" website, and we look forward to personally serving you and creating memories to last a lifetime!
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